23-minute short documentary about how Kaberi, one of the leading traditional Manipuri dancers of her generation, exchanges her Indian home to move to Europe after she marries a British Asian.

Opening 8 minutes of Adapting


Kaberi – Kaberi Chatterjee

Narrator – Obhi Chatterjee

Bakery shop assistant – Catena Urso

Bride-to-be – Beatriz Salvador

Friend of bride-to-be – Gemma Muñoz

Prospective groom – Vincent Dijkstra

(Prospective) father-in-law – Jayanta Chatterjee
Italian groom – Giulio Guarracino

Italian bride – Giuliana Keller

Songs by Rabindranath Tagore performed by Kaberi Chatterjee
 & Jayanta Chatterjee

Camera – Obhi Chatterjee,
 Kaberi Chatterjee &
 Samir Khan

Filmed on location in Belgium, England, France, India,
 Italy, Portugal & Thailand

Written, produced & directed by Obhi Chatterjee