Tagore Dance – a leading Indian dancer reveals the original creation of a genius


Cover of 'Tagore Dance', designed by Debangana Banerjee

Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore is best known as a poet and philosopher. However, his creative talent extended well beyond this, to music, to painting, and to dance.

In Tagore Dance, Kaberi explores how Rabindranath’s thinking about dance evolved and led him to create his own distinct and original dance form (Rabindranritya). Starting from his first exposure to social dances in England as a teenager, Kaberi traces the history of the Tagore dance form through to the major dance-dramas he created in the last decade of his life.

Based on over ten years of research by Kaberi within and outside India for her PhD thesis, Tagore Dance includes behind-the-scenes stills from the Tagore dance film trilogy.

Coming soon in eBook and paperback – cover design by Debangana Banerjee. ISBN-13: 978-1438287935.

To receive a free, text-only PDF of the Introduction to Tagore Dance by e-mail, click on the ‘Download now’ button below, enter your e-mail address and click on ‘Submit’.


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  1. Looking forward for the book release, congratulations, E. Nicanor

  2. […] dance is very prominent in my mind at the moment as I am in the middle of proof-reading my book Tagore Dance . To receive a free, text-only PDF file of its Introduction by e-mail, click on the ‘Download […]

  3. […] In reality, the dance-dramas are probably the most accomplished works created by Tagore, combining his poetry with music, drama and the semi-classical dance form he created. The plots of all three were based on legends which Tagore adapted to express his humanist message about powerful, timeless and universal themes: the hurt inflicted on people by social prejudice, the difficulties of reconciling public image with private life and the sacrifices people are prepared to make for love. Kaberi’s forthcoming book ‘Tagore Dance’, based on her PhD research, reveals the original creation of the Tagore dance form. Kaberi has made the introduction to her book available as a free download from her website. […]

  4. […] arts centres were aware of the dance styles in which Kaberi has specialised: Manipuri and Tagore dance. Kaberi would need a similar DVD to persuade them both about the styles themselves and about her […]

  5. […] by Obhi with advice from Debangana Banerjee, who designed the cover of my forthcoming book Tagore Dance. Comments are welcome. Slightly different versions will be provided to anyone hosting a screening […]

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